Today, I set off on another run.  This time, though, instead of taking my phone, I grabbed my iPod and my earbuds and set off.  I didn’t use the Nike+ app.  I didn’t stop the music.  I wasn’t interrupted with pace time or distance stats.  It was just me, my music, and the road before me.

This turned into one of my best runs.  I don’t know how much time it took; I wasn’t paying attention.  Still, I managed to do almost 9.5 miles, and if I had been able to get my hands on some water, I think I could have gone further.

This was a different experience.  I wasn’t simply motivated by the feedback from the app.  I wasn’t out there to prove anything to anyone else.  I wasn’t sharing or getting cheers or any of that.  Suddenly, and unexpectedly, I was doing what running has always been for me – spending time with myself and clearing out the cobwebs.  Only this time, it was constant and without distraction.  Today’s run felt more like a mental exercise of cleanup than earning a badge or support or anything like that.  It felt a bit more genuine in some regards.

I do think I’ve found a new way to enjoy an old exercise.  Just me, the road, and my music.


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