I’ve been tweaking with this site for most of the afternoon.  What I’ve accomplished is this:

1.  I really don’t like the free options I see on the internet for wordpress sites.  Clearly I’ll need to invest some money and purchase a theme that’s customizable and flexible enough for my needs.  I’ve seen a few premium themes I like.  I will own one.

2.  I’ve uploaded a lot of my old podcasts, redone my feed, and hopefully let iTunes know the difference.  We shall see.

3.  I am still not 100% happy with the way this iteration of Teaching Thomas is coming out.  Expect major changes again.

One thought on “Tonight

  1. There are definitely some good themes out there for relatively low cost. It’s a good investment.

    I noticed that your podcast posts and some of your written entries like “Tonight” and “Exhaustion” showed up twice in my blog reader (bloglovin). But posts afterwards didn’t.

    Also, this theme is quite like bloglovin’s color scheme so I was confused for a second when I first saw it. Looks nice. :] AND BRIGHTER. Yay!

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