Today, I’m taking my first solo trip out of town.  I’m headed to Seattle to meet up with a friend, and for the first time, I’m getting out of the Portland area on my own since landing here in March.  I don’t know why it’s taken this long – usually I’m far more adventurous than this.  Well, that’s not totally true.  I think I’ve been really, really wrapped up with things here at the house, from finding my footing, keeping things in order, and sorting out where my head is at.  So far, so good, on all those fronts.

I have been applying for jobs for a long, long time now it seems.  I really gave it the college try starting in July, with our return from back east, and it’s been a month and a half of non-stop job listings searches, putting my resume into a hundred different forms to match the requirements of the post (all legit, just different wording, different self-marketing), and writing countless genuine cover letters.  Still, no real bites.  I have applied for and passed the tests needed to work for a couple of government jobs, so there’s that, and I have registered to be a sub-teacher in just about every town along the northwest Oregon border.  I have been doing all the right things, but my personal patience is about worn out.  This break today, hours on a bus headed somewhere else, will do me good.

As far as the guy I’m meeting, who knows.  I mean, I like him.  A lot.  But I’m not making any promises to myself, or putting any pressure on anything right now.  My grandmother gave me a command when I saw her last – settle down.  Gram, that’s exactly what I intend to do.  The next move will be on my terms, under my own power, and in my own fashion.  I won’t be moving for any person, any thing (except a job), or under any pretenses but my own.  It’s as it should be.  Finally.


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