Today has been a great day.

I crashed out really early last night, after the day from hell at work.  I got home to some awkwardness between the roommates and someone they had been hanging out with, and found myself trapped in my room like a wolf in a cage.  Still, I took the opportunity to get some sleep and hit the biggest reset button possible.  I needed it.

This morning, I had my class to teach, so I boarded a bus at 7:30a and set off for East High School, where my class is being held.  My bus came at the time it was supposed to, and took me to where I needed to be without any stress.  I had plenty of time to make my connections and get to the classroom before 9a, and set up for the day.

That is, until I realized there was a problem with the busses.  In fact, there was nothing but chaos all over Denver today because of a marathon.  It had effectively shut down all traffic through the city, but mostly around the neighborhood I was headed towards.  I was an HOUR late for the class I’m teaching.  Thankfully, so was my student.  We took class outside in the sun, and made some really good in-roads with regards to setting and how authors use it in the works they create.  I shared a couple of pieces I had found, plus a piece I wrote.  He shared some of the stuff he’d written while in class, and I have to say, it was pretty good.

All of my students are co-workers of mine, so it’s been really good to get to know them a little outside of work, and see their more creative side.  I am really, REALLY enjoying being in the role of teacher.  Really.  This has served as a huge reminder of what I’m capable of.  I am a teacher, inside and out, and nothing can remove that fact.  Ever.

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