Last week saw me really diving into the fitness regime I’ve been hoping to get onboard with since obtaining my new job at TriMet.  Because of the way my schedule works, I have the opportunity to do a morning bus run, and am back at the garage by nine in the morning.  From nine till about four in the afternoon, I’ve got my free time.  It’s in this time that I have been taking advantage of the gym at work, or coming home and running.  I’m also able to catch up on my sleep, and eat a good meal, and sometimes – and this is still being figured out – I get to write.

In any regard, today, as I sipped some coffee and got my brain to begin firing on more than a few cylinders, it dawned on me that this whole Fit by Forty idea goes way beyond just what I look like in the mirror.  It starts with the choices I make with the food I put in my body, but it extends all the way to whom I let into my life, and the choices I make towards all-over health and wellbeing in my world.  I have had such a dark past with regards to food, and I’m on the verge of sussing through all of that.  For now, though, realizing how the ways I treat myself and my body are interconnected seems to be important to me.  It’s like taking a more global view on what it is I’m actually doing with this fitness goal and plan.

I get to chose how to respect myself with every action I take.  What I eat, what movements I choose to incorporate into my life, the way I treat myself in terms of sleep, the people I engage with, the social activities I take part in – all of it – seems to feed this whole life transformation.  Fitness is going way beyond the gym.  It’s going way beyond the size of my biceps, or the calories I’ve taken in.  It’s a full-on, total life adjustment.  I knew this was a possibility, but I didn’t expect it to be this all-encompassing.  Realizing this feels a tad overwhelming, but also empowering at the same time.

As an aside, I’m already noticing that I stand up taller.  I’m filling my shirts a bit better.  I can see a different shape when I look in the mirror.  Eating well, and balancing that with a healthy dose of picking up heavy things and putting them down, has already started to serve me well.  If anything, this is feeding my drive to see where all of this takes me.

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