One of the things that I know many people who are athletic or are starting to become athletic face is personal health concerns.  Will the workout hurt me?  Will I strain a muscle lifting a bit more than I’m used to today?  What if I fall off my bike?  Those kinds of risks are what bring a little bit of thrill to the average workout.  Still, they are risks, and they are things to consider while starting off a journey towards a fitness goal.  Of course, one should see a doctor if at all possible before undertaking a life-change.  If it’s possible, get a fitness test done.  If not possible because of the multitude of reasons (distance from doctor, no insurance, etc), always trust your guts.  If it feels good, continue to do it.  If it at all feels wrong, or there’s too great of a risk for injury, then I say avoid it, or find an alternative that doesn’t over-tax the fear/aversion factor inside.

For me, I’ve been struggling with something for over a month now.  It’s not an injury (though My Damn Toe was annoying).  It’s even dumber than that.  And it’s kind of gross.  I’ve been dealing with a pretty feisty case of athlete’s foot.

I’ve been dealing with this, off and on, since about 2007.  It hit me while I was living in England, when I got caught out in a pretty bad rainstorm and had to keep my wet shoes on for some time.  Since then, this damn fungus has come back every now and again.  I’ve always dealt with it with over-the-counter creams.  These have had some effect, to some degree, and usually tames the itching so that I can heal from the infection.  This time, though, it seems to keep raging more and more.  I’ve done all that I should to treat my shoes and socks and bedding.  I’ve used vinegar, bleach, hot water, and as much time in the sun to dry as possible.  Still, it’s an annoyance that I’m just over.

I wish I could find the link between athlete’s foot and what else is going on in my body.  I have a sneaking suspicion it’s linked to something I eat or do that fires it up.  I have generally good hygiene.  I use all natural soaps and things to wash because I don’t like coating my skin in too many chemicals.  I do laundry on a regular basis.  It’s just baffling to me.

I’m hoping this round of cream works quick.  The pharmacist said it would take about a week, and I’ve noticed some healing, but still I wake up with uncomfortable feet.  She did warn that if this cream didn’t work that I might have to see a dermatologist.  I can’t afford that now, as I don’t have insurance, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens.  Until then, I’ll just have to deal with the constant sock-changing, dressing, airing out, and laundry that goes along with this.  It’s a total annoyance I’d really like to not have any more.

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