Over the past few days, I’ve had to tone back on my exertion.  The fact is, I’m on a very tight budget with my food, and because of that, I’ve had to scale back what I can actually do physically.  I am still out there, riding my bike, taking shorter runs, but I’m just not sure I should push myself really hard until I can get more food in the pantry.  Still, I can feel that wall whenever I do exert myself.  I can sense when my body has had enough.  I try not to push beyond that point because I don’t want to do damage.

It’s a hard fact to face, but when you’re trying to get fit and have to stay on a budget, the cost of food becomes something of a burden, especially when you’re consuming high-quality protein.  I have been eating eggs and some cheese to make up for the lack of good quality chicken, pork, and fish (I don’t usually go for red meat), but I know it’s missing from my diet.  I’ve also been taking my multivitamin, but I know that is not a replacement.

Soon, and once I’m employed again, I will be able to eat and exercise as hard as I like.  For now, I’m just maintaining, and trying to keep up my health.

This is not an area that people who are into fitness and over-all health really talk about.  It’s not something that’s realized in this “Land of Plenty.”

This whole exercise and fitness regime has taken on a new perspective as I’ve had to balance my stress and anxiety over the work situation.  It’s something I have had to really strive and work at since coming to Portland.

I ran into this back in Denver, too, when I was living by the knife-edge of a budget for a while.  I had to be careful to not over-exert myself and get dizzy or lethargic.  It honestly happens, and the last thing you want your body to do while exercising is go into starvation mode.  You don’t want to be fighting your own body as it maintains homeostasis.

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