Yesterday, I hit the gym pretty hard.  I had given myself the day before off from physical exercise, as I was recouping from a long run/walk I had done on Monday, and it was after the workout, after a really healthy and revitalizing breakfast, and with a few glasses of water, that I realized I was still on this path.  I was still reaching to be fit by forty.

Last year, I made a promise to myself.  I was in Denver, eating like a pig, treating my body in many not-so-nice ways, and simply not doing anything to improve upon my health.  I was simply existing in this mortal form, but not really doing it any justice.  I think I was out on a hike, trying to clear my head, when it just hit me.  I was tired of just settling for the body that I have.  I wanted to see where a bit of exercise and consciousness about what I put in my body would take me.  I had hit the gym many times over the past fifteen years, but never with a long-term goal, or with such high expectations that I was bound to fail.  This time, I promised myself, was going to be different.

So, I joined a gym in Denver.  I bought and read a couple of books on diet and nutrition.  I took it slowly.  I knew that if I did things hard and fast and without pausing, I would burn out.  I didn’t want to burn out this time.  I wanted to make a life-change, not just a waistline change.

In any case, over half a year later, and quickly approaching my 36th birthday, I’m still at it.

And, really, I should be documenting this.  A friend of mine yesterday suggested it, and I thought, well, I have the platform to do just that.  I have this space, this blog.

You won’t find me posting about my weight here.  You won’t find me posting numbers that have to to with measurements of my body.  I refuse to be driven by those numbers.  I might mention the mileage I’ve run, or the amount of weight I’m able to pick up and put down without causing injury, but that’s it.  For me, the number in focus is forty.  Forty years of age, and I want to see where I can take this body of mine.  I want to know what limits I have, and how to break them.  That’s what these posts will be about.

If you’re interested, follow along here.

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