I didn’t get the job.

The interview was more of a hiring event, much like it was when I applied at Apple. Out of the eleven of us, four were kept for further interviews.

I knew it would be a stretch. And I had a pit in my gut about it since I got on the bus up here. I do have another interview on Monday, so here’s to hoping.

What I have had, though, is an amazing trip up the coast. Bellingham, WA is a small college town situated between Seattle and the Canadian border, on the water just north of the Puget Sound. I had been through here once before, back on my birthday last year. I vowed to return someday and visit this little hamlet on the water. I am very glad I did.

My first night was spent on a couch at a friend-of-a-friend’s house. Facebook, for all that it is, has proven its worth with connections and possibilities. It was a restful sleep, and I woke on the day of my interview feeling rested and refreshed. I was a bit unsure about the arrangements, but all of my worry was for nought. There simply exists amazing people who are generous by nature.

Yesterday, I made a connection with a gentleman who runs the farmer’s market up here. We spent the afternoon together talking about organic farming, life in the middle of nowhere, and the pluses and minuses of being gay in the rural parts of America. He let me crash on his couch too, and this morning showed me around the farmer’s market that’s been a twenty-year fixture in this town.

I am very thankful for this trip, even if I didn’t land a job here. I needed this escape, this break from my life in Portland. It feels good to be at the water’s edge, with the most and salty air around me. I’m drawn to this place. It reminds me of home.

The bus picks me up at 4p, so it’s more meandering around town on foot and on my bike. I’m sad to be leaving, but know I will be back.

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