East End Redemption

Tomorrow night, I’m headed east again.  Back to Vermont.  Back to Goddard.

This time will be my final full-length residency.  It will be my last retreat at a sacred space that has been both the hub of the wheel that my life has become, but also a grounding source, a touchstone, that has brought me back time and time again to the place where my reality lies.  I am anxious to get there.  I could use a wintry setting to soothe my mind.

My thesis is in a place of nearly-ready.  I’m working on the last of the book, working on the space of time that brought me to Denver.  I’m still not sure it has a place in this book, or what it’s final shape will take, but the generation of pages has been cathartic.

I will say this: the entire process of writing this thesis has been redemptive.  I have used the writing process as a way of breaking through a lot of bullshit and stupidity in my life.  I have used it as a way to process the events in my life that have shaped me.  It has caused me to face down many things I’ve spent nearly half of my life running away from.  I am nothing short of amazed.


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