Dreams (Jon O’ Bir Remix) – Reeves

Today was a really good run.  I got out of the house a bit later than I wanted to, and already the air was warming up from what had been a relatively cool morning.  I didn’t set any sort of goals.  I didn’t have any real direction.  I just knew I needed to put feet to pavement.  I needed to add up some more miles, and get through some of the thoughts in my head.

I made it to Mt. Tabor Park today, on 60th Avenue, 54 blocks east of me and about 20 blocks south.  As I got to the entrance to the park, I hit five miles, and a giant smile broke out over my face.  I had always wanted to run to the park, but after a bike ride there once, and realizing how far away it really was, I was a bit unsure I’d make it.

What I’ve come to realize is that in order to really enjoy the run, I need to keep it simple.  Look forward to the next mile marker, the next half mile, even the next block. And then the next.  And then the next.  And when the song in my ears hits just right, and I stop feeling my feet hit the ground, and I can dive deeper into whatever is stopping up my mind, then I know I’m doing it right.

Of course, then there’s the little drip of dopamine…adrenaline…whatever it is that causes the rush of Runner’s High.  When that hits…well, I can do anything, go anywhere, and I wear the biggest smile on my face.


Mt. Tabor Park, Portland, Oregon

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