Yesterday, as personally promised, I hit the work gym.  I signed up for this immediately upon my hiring with TriMet, as it’s the cheapest, most convenient thing for me so far.  At $13/month, and right on-site at each garage, I really have no excuse to develop a bus driver’s typical body.  None at all, really.

I hit my upper body pretty hard yesterday.  I’m still also figuring out an exercise plan that works for me, so it was a matter of trying out the machines and weights, seeing what works, and at what level I’m at currently.  I have a workout card that I can use to track my progress, which will help, I think, but really it’s what I see in the mirror that matters.

Having moved to a new home, with access to a good, healthy variety of foods has meant that I’ve put on a bit of weight.  I can feel it on me.  After some serious calorie tracking for two weeks prior to my move, and now after, it’s clear that for a very, very long time, I was starving myself.  I was getting only about half of the calories I need, according to my fitness plans, and it’s because of that fact that the weight seems to be coming back, if only in the short term.  Ages ago, I’d have started to freak out about this fact.  These days, I expected it.  I knew there would be a transition as I shifted from a very stringent and survival-mode diet into one where I can begin to feed my body again.  I also know that, now that I’ve got these calories entering my system, that I’m better supported when I go to burn them or convert them into muscle tissue.  It’s science and the experience I had the last time I dropped a ton of weight combined that’s coming to fruition.

I am still in adjustment mode.  Today, I’ll be going out for a run on my break between shifts at work, and having a decent lunch full of protein and veggies, along with a short nap (hopefully), before getting back behind the wheel.  Every other day at the gym, and the days in between going for a run, with the weekends free to be whatever they are (and maybe sneak in a good run on Sundays too, depending on how I feel), will be my plan of attack going forward.  It’s kind of intense, but it’s also exactly what I was planning on doing.  A friend reminded me yesterday not to push too hard and burn out or hurt myself.  He’s right, and that’s exactly what I’m intending here.  Daily exercise with a focus on specific areas, rather than sporadic heavy workouts and long, long runs will help me manage the dietary adjustment, along with the adjustment to my work schedule, new home, and new life that’s started for me here in Portland.

I am really, really excited to see where this takes me!

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