The other day, I finally did it.  I broke 500 miles since I started tracking my running back in 2011.  It was an 8-miler that put me over the top, and when I hit the goal, I simply stopped, smiled, and looked down at my feet.  My legs, my body, my mind have all been reshaped over the past two years.  I have finally done something I never thought possible prior to starting this effort.

There are other things going on with my health, though, that I simply can’t ignore and they are tied directly into my current life situation.  For the past few weeks, I though I was dealing with a really bad case of athlete’s foot.  After two weeks of treatment, that seems to have cleared up, however, I’m still left with a bad rash, and these little bumps appearing on my skin all over me.  My hands, my elbows, my forehead, and my feet and legs all seem to be breaking out in what appear to be small hives.

A dear friend of mine back east who has a history of skin problems took a look at a photo I sent him of what I have been dealing with (and no, I won’t gross you out again on here).  He took one quick look and said, “You’ve got eczema.”

I have never, ever had this before.  After doing some more talking and some investigating online, it turns out you can develop this from stress.

Like a billion other ailments, stress can cause your body to start to do weird things, and apparently this is one of the things it can do.  In the past, in a stressful situation, I actually developed shingles, so not having that is a good thing.  Having this, though, sucks – massively.

I feel like I want to tear my flesh off from all parts of my body.  It’s a burning itch that doesn’t stop, and will even wake me up in the middle of the night.  On the foot where I thought the athlete’s foot was the worst, so has the eczema come out even worse.  It’s a sad state of affairs, but at least I know this: it’s all temporary.

I will heal from this.  And I will keep running and exercising, even though the sweat aggravates the skin issue even more.  I need the balance of mind that running brings me, and the focus. I need the miles under my feet because right now, until I get back to work, it gives me a purpose, and a drive.  Plus, at the end of a good run, I feel like I’ve accomplished something.

Accomplishment is my addiction these days.


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