It’s already 100 days into the new year. Honestly, I had no idea I’d be where I am today. If you’d asked me back on New Year’s Eve to describe myself at day 100, I would have probably told you that I was going to be working like a dog, struggling and searching for more forward momentum, and just keeping my head down as I lumber onward.

Truth is, it was still so hard to look up from my feet and see the horizon ahead of me. I was still so lost, so unsettled.

Then, in one giant leap, the machine of my life seemed to roar to life. A new home. Settling into my new job. Then, a visit from a dear friend from Vancouver. Embracing more of my self and being far more brazen in my honesty and humanity introduced me to Ray. Since those early days in this year, everything seems to have shifted from a dull grey to technicolor.

I can’t predict the rest of this year, but I remain optimistic. My physical body is looking better than ever. I stand taller. I feel better, more inhabited in my skin. There are projects in the works that still engage my creative side. There are plans underway to have a summer full of adventure and potential to fully and finally embrace my new hometown after a year of such uncertainty and loss.

I look forward to the next 100 days. It’ll be a trip, regardless of the outcome.

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  1. Hi, Thom. I stumble across your blog every now and then via links from other blogs. I just wanted to give you internet well wishes and let you know that I think it sounds like you are on a good and healthy path. I miss the Pac NW and it’s good to know that there are great people like you making a home there. Best of luck!

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