This was a pretty amazing run.  I set off to the north, and had it in my mind that I would get to St. John’s and run over the massive bridge in that area of Portland.  The sun was amazing, the temperature was perfect, and I had just the right amount of energy from breakfast and water in my system.  So, I set off.

The run itself was easy.  I took a slower pace than I normally do because I wanted to get to ten miles and hopefully push beyond that.  I was doing fine, and even stopped for a moment to get some water when I did get into the middle of St. John’s village.  I ran across the bridge, smiling from ear to ear, and as I was turning back towards town, I felt something like a wall just fall in front of me.  As I approached the ten-mile mark, I could feel myself getting heavy and sluggish.  It was all-of-the-sudden, as if I just simply ran out of go-juice.  At mile ten, I simply stopped running.  It was also at mile ten that I realized I was seven miles from home and was going to have to hoof it all the way back.

I want to break this wall.  I want to get past ten miles.  I need to find a way to fuel myself properly, both before and during the run.  I will figure this out.

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